"My work is an intense exploration of color, transcending boundaries between painting, sculpture, and architecture."


For Mustica - right from his earliest works - the figurative experiences of his formative years, characterized by a profoundly expressive style, all the way to his journey into a decisively abstract-informal realm, his relationship with his homeland has been deeply ingrained. It is driven by the retrieval of subtle sensations, of 'airs' that trigger memories, like invisible imprints left by time, much like the luminous blue sculpted by the fresh Tramontana wind blowing across the shores of the Ionian coast.

"My intent has always been to contemplate the potential formal variations that technology can facilitate within the realm of emotional expression through the enchantment of the painterly act. This results in the creation of plastic/pictorial dimensions assisted by technology but conceived through the medium of painting, in an ongoing interplay between distinct spatial and temporal dimensions. My focus, from '94 to the present, has been directed towards the exploration of potential new facets of pictorial space, understood as the Spirit of the Time."

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"I am fascinated by experiencing painting differently every day: exploring, breaking, and reconstructing the painterly surface, always ready to reevaluate everything."


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"In the late 1980s, Mustica made the decision to relocate, moving from Catania to Milan. He acquired a studio space on Corso di Porta Ticinese 38, in the vicinity of the Colonne di San Lorenzo, later moving to Via Giovenale 7.

Over time, the studio expanded and became a place not only where the artist worked and lived but also a space frequented daily by assistants, friends, fellow artists, students, and critics. It is nestled within a courtyard of the so-called 'Old Milan,' situated in what was once a convent in the 1500s, subsequently serving as a workshop, carpentry, and a space for bronze casting."

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