Evoluzioni Pittoriche Steel, Castello Visconteo Mediceo, Melegnano.

ANNO 2011
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At the Castello Visconteo Mediceo at Melegnano the installation affects
the ancient space of the large 16th century frescoed rooms, that, with their lived warmth, embrace Mustica’s works, which, despite their futurist meaning, elegantly combine with the context.

We find Mustica’s paintings among the pastel shades of the frescoes that adorn the vast rooms of the palace. Large scale canvases where the artistic gesture communicates with the space and the bright and luminous colours catapult us towards the stainless steel of the Evoluzioni Pittoriche placed in the centre of the rooms.

The steel is worked in a way to extract its central heart that like a bulb grows and gives life to the agave leaves that surround the sculpture. So the image of the work
is captured, shattered, fragmented by unusual angles and ever different points of view.

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Evoluzioni Pittoriche Steel at the Castello Visconteo Mediceo in Melegnano.