Sparkle, Spazio Material ConneXion, Triennale, Milano

ANNO 2011
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Steel is the protagonist of the exhibition set up in the Material ConneXion Space in Milan’s Triennale.

The material moulds the sessions created with laser-cut sheets and subsequently folded and flattened with the precision of a number controlled machine, then welded together, and finally hand-burnished. The choice of stainless steel was dictated by
its versatility that gives rise to eccentric aesthetics and studies of light and its refractions. The result is spectacular: Sparkling pieces, assembled with no mechanical join, characterised by angular and sharp lines which at first glance seem anything other than ergonomic. In fact they are unique pieces of exquisite and innovative design, objects that combine practicality, convenience, wonder, expressions of human and natural activity which “luminously”
speak to us.

These shapes, seemingly unstable because they are extremely asymmetric, but in fact absolutely ergonomic, refer to a game of opposites where the dilemma is the vision between what seems and what actually is.

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nome opera
Sparkle in the Material ConneXion Space at the Milan Triennale.