Start-T. L’arte sotte le stelle, Galleria Umberto I, Torino

ANNO 2009
TECNICA Mixed media
DIMENSIONI 9 x 2 x 2 m (29.5 x 6.5 x 6.5 ft)
COLLEZIONE Collezione Privata
COPYRIGHT © 2023 Nino Mustica. Tutti i diritti riservati.
nome opera


This is a high-rise building consisting of layers which rotate on themselves and move in all four directions, each independently of the other. The installation, presented in Turin in 2009 in the Galleria Umberto I, upsets the rules of the historical city.

The movement and interaction between time and space enhance the shapes, floors, colours, creating an ever-changing skyline. The three-dimensional pictorial forms become plausible and usable environments for the first time. In this work Mustica explores the third dimension, a recurring and perceptible topic in all his work.

Since the early 90s, digital techniques have allowed the artist to experiment with new possibilities of the work and to make it dialogue with space, transcending the dimensions of architecture and engineering.

This installation, a real project created out of a three-dimensional shape translated from painting, has attracted considerable interest from architects and engineers, who have seen the future in it.

The roto-translation of the building around its central axis allows it to produce and accumulate energy and to use the movement of floors to chase the sunlight and live each period of the day according to their own needs.

nome opera
Construction phases of Mustica Tower.
nome opera
Fortunato d’Amico e Nino Mustica.
nome opera
Inclusion of the Mustica Tower project in the Canon stand at Lift 2008, Milan Fair.