Simbiosi, Galleria d’Arte Moderna, Genova

ANNO 2013
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Within the museum rooms of the Modern Art Gallery of Genova Nervi, poetical thoughts and analytical reflections investigate the fluid monochrome sculptures, (better known as three dimensional, pictorial evolutions) the graphics and the large scale canvases created in 2012. The Baumhaus video interprets the sense of architectural necessity and punctuates the times of the dialogue, deeply connected with other works present that were created by artists active between the 19th and 20th centuries.

Past and present communicate in symbiosis through different instruments and points of view. The theme is nature, countryside, the dynamism of strength and transformation, interpreted in multiple ways and weaving works that speak of history.

19th and 20th century artists meet the poetic futurist Nino Mustica and offer themselves as points of comparison, stages of an epochal evolution that in less than a few centuries has upset the millennium vision of art and its relationship with the environment.

In Baumhaus, tree and house in German, the theme of nature is impressive and takes on a vertical shape: a technological tree to which are attached the living cells, harmoniously conforming to nature, reaffirming the principles, in which research and scientific experimentation, applied to the science of artifice, must always respect the needs of human beings and nature

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Simbiosi, inclusion of the works in the Genoa GAM collection.