Installazione sul mare di Linosa (Sicilia)

ANNO 1997
TECNICA Fibreglass
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The 1997 Linosa exhibition, between desert and water, is a first example
of the development of the concept of metamorphosis. The initial meeting between curiosity, graphics, technology gave rise to the Evoluzioni Pittoriche. Floating in the infinite, they germinate in space, meeting nature, and become protagonists in the apparent calm
of the countryside, among the cacti, the rocky and volcanic terrain, the dark and dense waters of the sea.

The white colour, contrasted with primordial nature, describes this experimental phase of Mustica’s artistic research very well, which will be followed by other combinations that characterize his non-repetitive artistic development and the sense of wonder that every new work can stir.

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Forme Pittoriche Tridimensionali on the Linosa sea.