Cento Metri di Visi, Teatro di Sabbioneta (Mantova)

ANNO 1997
TECNICA Opera su carta
DIMENSIONI 10.000 x 60 cm (3937 x 24 in)
COPYRIGHT © 2023 Nino Mustica. Tutti i diritti riservati.


The first installations that see the interaction between space and public, were on display at the Palazzo Ducale in Sabbioneta in 1995: two hundred portraits depicted on
a hundred metre long canvas, diverse faces that express the multiculturalism of Mustica’s thought; eyes, lips, noses, expressions, heterogeneous positions, tell us about the
world’s diversity.

The artistic gesture explodes in a swirling energy that releases pure emotion. The lineaments, the colours, the contours of the profiles, are obvious pre-visions of the future, inventions of the intuition of who has already imagined what will be.

These works already contain all the elements that anticipate the later works. As Mustica writes: “Colour is emotion, surface and even volume; colour, in its metamorphosis, transformed into physical quantity means extending the opportunity to show a different side of its boundless energy. Mine is an intense work on colour but transversal between painting, sculpture and architecture.”

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Nino Mustica and Katharina Litz in the milanese atelier.
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Details of Cento Metri di Visi.